The Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence - Orhan Pamuk I ploughed my way through most of this book. In the middle, it really slowed down. But the last 100 pages sucked me in and made the whole book worth it.

I never felt any empathy for the central characters Kemal and Fusun. I thought he was too obsessive - a personality that would fix on anything or anyone to be obsessed by, irrespective of their personal qualities. I didnt get Fusun - she seemed to be very blurred. I could visualise her well, but not her personality and character. Towards teh end, I saw the bitterness and the slight meanness that had crept into her. But, it was in the end, the scenes before the climax and third person descriptions of Kemal and Fusun that brought them home so much more. I finally felt and saw their innocence, their hopefulness. I had to flip through the pages once again. And suddenly, Kemal's foolishness in throwing away all he had without taking a firm stand became innocence, naivete, an inability to scheme or plan or be practical.

Being a cynic (especially about love) made it hard for me to stomach this obsessive love at first. But, now... thinking of the book leaves a quiet smile behind.