Knots and Crosses

Knots and Crosses  - Ian Rankin I enjoyed the book - it was written well. I liked the characters, and it kept me interested. The reason it got the "not-too-excited" rating is because I figured out who it was well before the midpoint of the book - which is not a good thing for ANY detective story.

I guess thats why I dont read mysteries or thrillers. While reading through the book, each character comes under sharp scrutiny as I weigh the possibility of their involvement. As no one can evade the cloak of suspiscion, well... the denouement is never going to be a surprise. Except for the two or three times,the killers turned out to be children. That stumped me. But since thats happened to me twice now, I dont think anyone will be able to escape my notice. Unless it turns out to be the family dog. Or the butler.