A.R. Rahman

A.R. Rahman: The Musical Storm - Kamini Mathai Am a HUGE Rahman fan, so stayed away from this book for a while, coz I heard the author was not one. And wasnt familiar with any of his tunes. So, if she wasnt going to write about his music...?

Instead, she writes about the man. And how. She speaks to people who have known him since he was a child and as he grew from a boy trying to make ends meet to a jingle-music-maker to the phenomenon he is now. I knew religion nad his mom play an important part in his life, but never realised how pivotal they are. In fact, it's kind of umm... sad/unsettling to see how the mother holds so much sway over him. Enough for him to be fine with her picking his associates and friends for him.

But, all in all, luverly book. ANd read it in one sitting!