Perfect Match

Perfect Match - Jane Moore The cover looks all chick-lit-ty, but I liked the synopsis(es?) i had read and decided to give it a try. And really enjoyed it. It helps that I could empathize/feel for/hate most of the characters in it. While I did have some trouble with her writing style (she writes like a non-native speaker (am one myself, so...) who uses the thesaurus option on Word a lot - some very proper English and weird sentence constructions; some inconsistent tenses; some poor editing), I realized that if I had ever written (doubt I will ever write one) a book, it would have dealt with the same themes in much the same manner.

When she discussed certain issues and their implications, the explanations seemed a little trite. Like she had to say them, but didnt want to spend too many words on them, so finished it up in as text-booky language as possible, to get the point across.

But, yes, this book did get me slightly teary-eyed...