The House at Riverton

The House at Riverton - Kate Morton Was torn between a three and four rating for this book. I loved the whole Rebecca-likeness of the book - all the Gothic tropes - hauntings of the metaphysical sort, mysteries and secrets. Very atmospheric. But, I could and did anticipate the ending. Which would have totally ruined the book for me, except for the finer details of what went wrong. These details made the book linger for a while, even after I put it down.

The gist in a few words - Grace, now an old, old woman, is recording the truth behind the suicide of a poet years ago. A death that was witnessed by two sisters, whose house Grace worked in.

The narrator was an interesting character. At times. The relationships between some of the characters didnt have quite the intensity I would have desired - nothing that revealed the depths of their feelings. I liked the characters while they were kids - it became a little harder to follow some of their motives and desires as they grew older. But, still a good read.

Now, I need to go hunt up a copy of The Thirteenth Tale.