Room - Emma Donoghue I found the first half of the book a little tedious - while the author maintained a nice, even tone for the narrator, without making him sound precocious or cute, it got a little repetitive reading the details of all his games and toys (inventive and original though they all are). It was while I was reading (or rather, devouring) the second half that I realized why it was so important. Context had to be set for life post-Room.

The entire Escape from the Room was nail-biting. I sat up and then started pacing around while reading this part of the book. I hadnt actually given it a chance in hell, and was blown when I realized the second half was going to be about how Ma re-adjusts and Jack adjusts to the world. It was amazing reading how the little things we take for granted are all novel and new to Jack. Like sunlight and the risks exposure poses to him. Like bees that sting. Like how he never knew that you shouldnt play with fire. Sensitively written, I read this at one stretch. I especially liked how Grandma (at times irritated by his "special" needs and questions, and at others, understanding and loving) and Steppa slowly made their way around him.

Really enjoyed this one!